Installed Machines

Key Features of Waste Compost Machine :

  • Inbuilt Shredder
  • Fully automatic machine with Siemens automation
  • No discharge and no emission of harmful gases. .
  • 100% natural 24 hours composting process
  • Compact in size.
  • High quality Organic Compost ready to use in 24 hours
  • S.S 304 Machine Fabrication
  • Decentralized solution for organic food waste management
  • Noiseless, Odourless, Maintenance-free.
  • No bacteria or enzymes are used.
  • Reduces large amounts spent on transportation to landfill sites
  • In-house waste management reducing dependence on any outside agency
  • OWC machines are also available with IOT system online monitoring with web server functionality and APP application (Available at additional cost)
  • CE certified, ISO 9001:2015, NSIC and Gem registered Manufacturer with all Lab tested reports

Machine Chart

Capacity/Model With inbuilt ShredderMachine Size in Ft L X B XHPower in H.PMachine Weight KgMaterial of ConstructionDelivery Time
25Kg/day FS0024.5 X 4.5 X 4.51600SS 30420-25 days
50Kg/day FS0115 X 5 X 52-3900SS 30420-25 days
100Kg/day FS0155 X 5 X 52-3950SS 30420-25 days
150Kg/day FS0165.5 X 5 X 52-31050SS 30420-25 days
200Kg/day FS0205.5 X 5 X 53-51300SS 30420-25 days
250Kg/day FS0256 X 5 X 53-51450SS 30420-25 days
500Kg/day FS0556 X 5.5 X 5.55-102400SS 30430-45 days
750Kg/day FS0756 X 5.5 X 65-102500SS 30430-45 days
1000Kg/day FSK0999.5 X 6 X 610-153100SS 30445-55 days
2000Kg/day FSK02917 X 7 X 720-253800SS 30445-55 days
3000Kg/day FSK03924 X 7 X 725-354500SS 30445-55 days

Machine Installation Specifications: