How to make Organic Compost from Organic/Food Waste Compost Machines in India

  • Add minimum 10-15% of saw dust/ bio fuel pellets/dry grass/dry leafs with every batch of organic food waste in the machine or Food Waste to Fertilizer Machine in india
  • For 50Kgs waste batch add at least 5-10Kgs saw dust
  • If more citrus/watered organic food wastes add more saw dust for absorbing water and citrus content from mixture or remove excess water from the organic waste before adding in the machine.
  • If quantity of waste has drier component like dry leafs/ dry bio degradable wastes added in Biodegradable Waste Compost Machine then add 10-15 litres of water in the machine through shredder to maintain moisture content 35-55%.
  • Give at least 24 hours for Compost Making with the help of Fully Automatic Food Waste Compost Machine in India
  • Keep check on material viscosity after 12 hours twice or thrice a day if material found wet in the composting tank at later stages add saw dust/dry leafs /dry grass/biofuel pellets accordingly
  • Maintain calibration sheet of temperature after adding waste after every 8-10 hours to keep check on the Climate control unit
  • Lubricate Shredder after every use with machine oil/hydraulic oil /rust oil
  • Clean Food Waste Composting Machines on daily basis.