FS020 200Kg/day Organic Waste Compost Machine

675,000.00 645,000.00

Key Machine Features:

  • Inbuilt Shredder
  • Fully automatic machine with Siemens automation
  • Compact in size.
  • Plug and Play Installation
  • High quality Organic Compost ready to use in 24 hours
  • S.S 304 Machine Fabrication
  • Decentralized solution for organic food waste management
  • No Water discharge and no emission of harmful gases. .
  • 100% natural 24 hours composting process
  • Noiseless, Odorless, Maintenance-free.
  • No enzymes used.
  • Reduces large amounts spent on transportation to landfill sites
  • In-house waste management reducing dependence on any outside agency


Fully Automatic FS020 200Kg/day input capacity Organic Waste Compost Machine with inbuilt Shredder with 100% natural 24 hours composting process comes with Siemens automation, PLC and HMI. Inbuilt shredder helps in reducing the volume of the waste by 80-90% at first step. Then this Shredder Material after feeding is converted into High Quality Organic Compost within 24 hours. Indigenous designed developed and manufactured by SMS HYDROTECH.

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